5 Signs You Should Get a Remedial Massage Instead of a Relaxation Massage

Remedial massage goes further than a relaxation massage. The word "remedial" means "intended as a remedy or cure", and these messages can help remedy a range of issues. Here are five signs you may want to consider a remedial massage rather than a relaxation massage:

1. You Are Recovering From a Sports Injury

Sports injuries can lead to strains and sprains as well as lots of muscular tension. During the recovery process, you may need to do physical therapy, but a remedial massage can also help. These specialists can really get deep into your muscles in a way that promotes healing as well as relaxation.

2. You've Been Struggling With Illness

In general, massages help to boost your immune system. In fact, studies show that immune system functioning is heightened after a massage. This effect may be even stronger if you go to a massage artist who is trained in remedial massage.

3. You Need Help With Your Posture

In many cases, a remedial massage helps to lengthen your muscles. Getting rid of contracted muscles can help to loosen tension, and that makes it easier to get your body in proper alignment. That, in turn, helps with your posture. That can also help with back pain.

Essentially, a remedial massage takes care of your muscles in the same way that going to a yoga class helps your muscles. However, rather than getting on the mat and doing the workout yourself, you can lie on a table and let the remedial massage therapist take care of your aches and pains for you.

4. You Have Sore Muscles

As indicated above, a remedial massage can help with sore muscles. These massages can involve a lot of deep tissue work, and the therapist tells you what you need. With a relaxation massage, the massage therapist usually asks you what you like or how hard you want the massage to be.

In contrast, with a remedial massage, the massage therapist usually tells you what you need. That doesn't mean that the massage therapist doesn't stop if it hurts or doesn't respect your opinions. It just means they take on a more active role in your healing than a traditional massage artist.

5. You Find Relaxation Massages Frustrating

If your relaxation massages haven't been giving you the benefits you crave, you may want to consider a remedial massage. Working with a different massage artist often yields different results, and when you go to someone who is trained in a different way than your current massage specialist, that may help even more.