Top Tips When Looking For a Dentist

Although there are many dentists in Australia, most people have a hard time finding a dentist that is the right fit. The following discusses some considerations you should make when looking for a dentist. 

Reputation and Experience

The dentist should have an excellent reputation. Ask for testimonials from some of the dentist's clients. You could also read social media reviews and medical blogs to ascertain the dentist's reputation. Sufficient experience is a guarantee that you will receive quality services. Most dentists are not shy to inform clients about their professional achievements. The professional must have a licence to practice in your state. Preferably, he or she should be affiliated with dental associations such as the Australian Dental Association.  

Patient-Dentist Experience

Choose a dentist that provides personalised services to his or her clients. These would include the following: 

  • Home visits to senior citizens and people who have a disability.
  • Regular check-ups to know the dental wellbeing of clients. 
  • Online scheduling to allow you to book your appointment via email or through the dentist's website. 
  • A comfortable waiting room in the clinic that includes features like free Wi-Fi, charging ports, a water dispenser and a kid's playing area.

Services Provided

Most dentists in Australia can extract teeth, clean your mouth, fill decayed teeth, whiten your teeth and insert dental implants. They will also conduct regular check-ups and give you advice on how best to take care of your teeth. For example, swishing some water after taking cola, coffee or red wine can prevent teeth stains.  

However, there are instances when you need specialised services such as occlusion, correcting your bite and straightening teeth using braces or Invisalign. You may also require certain dental treatment services, such as apicoectomy, periodontics and endodontics. As such, you must inquire if these services are available. 

What would you do if you had a dental emergency such as broken teeth, gum inflammation or pulp abscess? Work with a dentist who provides 24/7 services. 


The professional should be reasonably priced. Most dentists will provide a quote detailing consultation and treatment costs. Some also offer bulk billing services to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of your Medicare cover.

Finding a dentist is now easy with the above tips. Evaluate his or her experience, reputation, services and pricing strategy. The dentist should be a people person who is ready to form long-term relationships with his or her clients.