What Is The Difference Between A Medical Centre And A Hospital And Which Should You Go To?

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful, but knowing which medical professional to see and when can be a little bit tricky. Many people get confused by what the differences between a general practitioner, medical centre and hospital truly are. If you aren't sure where to go but do have a need for medical assistance, then here is a quick outline of when to go to which medical facility. [Read More]

How Sports Physiotherapy Can Help You Get Back To Your Best

Australians love sport, as is blatantly obvious when you see how well they compete in many international disciplines, from swimming to cricket and even outperforming their relative tiny status in sports like soccer and basketball. However, this love of sport does not just stay at the top levels, as millions and millions in the country play recreational sport almost every week. This has led to a large growth in the sports physiotherapy field, as whenever there are a lot of people playing sports, some number of them will sustain injuries. [Read More]