Relationship Counselling: Understanding the Common Success Factors

If you are in a troubled relationship or feel that your marriage is not working as expected, you should think about consulting a couple's counsellor. The therapy sessions can help you gain insight on the problems in your union with your partner. Also, the process can help you revitalise the weakened emotional connection. In addition, your relationship can grow stronger through therapy focused on improving communication and re-negotiating commitment. However, you should note that the benefits of counselling are not the same for every couple. Therefore, if you want to increase the chances of success, you must understand the factors influencing the outcome. Here is a short discussion to help you understand these determining issues.

Choice of Therapist

The selected counsellor will have a significant impact on the outcome of your therapy sessions. Therefore, it is important to choose a counsellor with whom you can communicate effectively as a couple. In general, you should look for an expert with the appropriate qualifications, education and experience. Also, you should inquire about the model of counselling used by your therapist. If the approach used is contrary to your beliefs, you will not be able to focus on the healing of your relationship. Remember, there are multiple models of counselling. Where possible, choose a therapist who is willing to modify the approach for different situations. 

Couple's Willingness

The success of relationship counselling can be improved or compromised by the willingness of the pertinent couple. In simple terms, if you and your partner are committed to working towards a common goal, the chances of positive results are higher. On the other hand, if there is an unwilling party, the probability of success might decline significantly. Therefore, it is essential to have an open discussion with your partner about seeking an expert to help you work through the distress in your relationship. You should also come up with a common goal. The unified mindset can be critical to achieving desired results.

Level of Hope

The level of hope maintained during the therapy sessions will be crucial for the improvement of your relationship or marriage. Often, couples approach counselling as the last resort when they realise that the situation is dire. Therefore, the concept of hope can be difficult to grasp for some individuals. Unfortunately, the possibility of success will not be high if one expects the union to break at any moment. It is imperative to have a realistic hope for healing because it will have an impact on your commitment to the counselling sessions.